Four Questions to Drive Vendor Performance

Today’s integrated facilities manager employs a small army of front-line staff and vendors, including janitorial, landscaping, pest control, security, and many other services.

But with so many people and vendors, often it is difficult for facilities managers to track vendor performance and ROI. Without a centralized, digital solution, facility managers must develop unique homegrown ways to stay on top of vendors. Unfortunately, these homegrown systems are prone to error and inefficiencies.


Using software for maintenance & facilities like 4insite will help you centralize and manage your vendors. With 4insite, you can ask critical questions of your vendors to ensure you are getting the vendor performance you expect.


Asking the right questions leads to the answers you need to drive your vendor performance. Below are four questions to ensure you drive vendor performance and get the quality of services you expect.


  1. Are we aligned on the SOW?Are you on the same page with your vendors concerning service expectations? After ensuring you and your vendors know the work involved, centralize your SOW in 4insite so it is easy to understand, translate it into front-staff languages, and distribute it digitally.
  2. Are my vendors delivering the quality I expect?How are you tracking data across your facilities to see if your vendors are fulfilling your sow? The 4insite SaaS platform allows you to log complete audit tracking, complaint tracking, and customer satisfaction.
  3. Can I contact my vendors anytime, anywhere?Seamless communication is key to optimizing your vendor performance. Having centralized communication and SOW management in one place means issues are less likely to fall through the cracks.
  4. Can I easily analyze my vendor performance?4insite provides powerful dashboards to look across all of your vendor services and analyze performance. With 4insite, you can establish KPIs that all vendors can be measured in a consistent score card. 


Service providers, front-line staff, and customers can easily get on the same page with 4insite. The result? Time saved, better communication, tighter management of vendor performance, verification of work performed, and real visibility into the ROI of each vendor.


Take it from Valarie Barnett, Sr. VP of Global Accounts for SBM. Before adopting 4insite, Valarie was tracking performance via spreadsheets in multiple locations. Unfortunately, this led to requests from customers getting lost and the inability to see how many sites were performing.


My favorite 4insite feature is the scorecard,” Valarie said. “In my current role, I’m managing 28 facilities. I need to see things at a glance. And the scorecard tells me if we are driving our key performance indicators (KPIs) such as driving quality at our facilities.


When executives like Valarie suffer from vendor overwhelm, they cannot focus on driving their KPIs.But with 4insite, they have the tools they need to ensure they are getting the quality they expect from their vendors.  

Facility managers need powerful tools to control their facilities and hit their KPIs. Whether you manage dozens of facilities or just one, 4insite is a powerful software for maintenance & facilities.


To find out how 4insite can help you centralize your vendor management, reach out to schedule a demo. Email to learn how you can drive vendor performance with the 4insite solution.