Ensure the safety of your facility.

4insite provides the tools you need to ensure the safety of your facility. With the 4insite app, driving open communication between occupants and employees is easy. Use real data to resolve safety issues in real-time before they become a problem.

4insite is the tool you need to ensure the safety of your facility

Revolutionize your Work Order System to surface and mitigate safety incidents

A purposeful and user-friendly ecosystem, 4insite helps organizations raise productivity by integrating people, processes, and technology therefore improving communication and lessening response times. From Small & Medium sized to Enterprise Service Providers, Integrated Facilities Management and Unions, the 4insite Performance Management Platform can help any size organization navigate today’s complex environments.

Empower your staff and end-users to report “Good Catches.”

4insite empowers employees, vendors, and end-users to report safety incidents. With 4insite’s mobile app and QR code system, anyone can log an issue without having to go back to their desk. Work orders marked as a “safety risk” will automatically receive higher priority. The result? Your facility has a lower safety risk profile as risks are identified, prioritized, and resolved.

Facility managers know that safety is essential. But often, safety issues go unreported, or the reports are lost in clunky work order systems. There simply is not an intuitive, cohesive way to track safety concerns and activities across a facility. These disconnected workflows raise the risk profile for the entire facility.

See the safety performance of your service workers with your customizable Dashboard

See the safety performance of your service workers in a powerful and intuitive central dashboard. Scan the performance of your entire portfolio or dig into a single site. With 4insite, you can visualize trends and analyze site performance against any KPI to ensure your sites are safe and healthy.

“[With 4insite] we could then report back to our leadership team that, yes, we are providing a safe, clean environment.”
– Sr. Project Engineer at an aerospace company

See why 4insite is being called a breakthrough in facilities management

Frequently Asked Questions

No! 4insite was developed by facility managers, for facility managers. The mobile app is intuitive and easy to use. 4insite also has industry experts to help you implement the app.

No! The 4insite app runs on most smartphones and tablets.

That’s where 4insite can help. Implementing 4insite is a complete facility management solution. Don’t know what tools and technology to use? No problem. Our solutions team is waiting to help you implement 4insite, including hardware purchasing decisions, integrations, and site setup.

4insite is priced per user, per month. To read more about our pricing and to request a consultation with one of our facilities specialists, visit 4insite.com/pricing-and-plans/