The First Steps: How to Digitize Your Facilities Management

As the world barrels into the digital-age, facilities management needs to evolve with it because our customers and building occupants expect clean and safe facilities. At the heart of this evolution is Facility Management Software. The benefits of Facility Management Software are tremendous, including tighter facility control, less time manually tracking work, and more efficient communication with the people performing the work.  


While there are many benefits to using Facility Management Software like 4insite, moving into digital facilities management can be overwhelming.  


Don’t worry, we can help.  


At 4insite, we’re on a mission to provide facilities managers with software for facilities management, without the overwhelm of implementing a new technology solution. 4insite is facility management software that allows you to manage and control your entire facility from the palm of your hand.  


Let’s dive into some practical first steps you can take to digitize your facilities management using 4insite.  


Start with your scheduled services. 

Your scheduled services are easier to predict and therefore a great place to start as you digitize your facilities management. Think your janitorial or security services, or even less frequent services like landscaping and pest control.


Using the 4insite app, there are just three steps to get you started.  


Step One: Get your Scope of Work into the 4insite app 

Digitally populating your Scope of Work into the 4insite app is simple and allows you to have a checklist of the tasks the facilities team needs to perform each day, week, month, quarter, and year. And uploading your Scope of Work is easy, especially with your 4insite customer success manager to help you through the process.


Often, when our clients first upload their SOW, they are shocked to see upwards of 3,000 weekly tasks their teams need to perform. Talk about a busy schedule! 


Step Two: Assign your Scope of Work tasks to front line staff 

With your Scope of Work uploaded into 4insite, you can easily assign work to your front-line staff. With the tasks assigned, 4insite makes it easy to ensure work is completed on-time. When a task is complete, your front-line staff simply marks it complete in the 4insite app on their phone. More importantly, if staff is unable to complete all of their tasks, they can let their manager know easily through the app. The manager can then re-assign tasks so nothing falls through the cracks.


Now that employees understand what is required of them, it makes it easier to request supplies or seek clarification as needed. With 4insite in the palm of their hand, it is easy for your staff to request supplies, track good catches, and send immediate feedback on the health and safety of the facility. This two-way communication is core to 4insite. In addition, facility managers can communicate with staff in real-time using 4insite’s communication center with automatic translation capabilities.  


Step Three: Use 4insite for ad hoc work requests 

4insite’s facility maintenance software also gives your customer and building occupants the ability to request ad hoc tasks. If anyone notices a safety hazard or maintenance need, it is easy for them report problems, making it easy for issues to be logged and work assigned to the right person for quick resolution. They can even send pictures of the ad hoc reports for accurate recording and precision.  


Lindsey Gant, a SBM Account Manager working on P&G Cincinnati, immediately felt the impact of using 4insite to manage her facilities. 

First you have to capture what you’re doing. And then I assign a [task] directly to the employee. The employee pulls up their phone when they come into work, and they know exactly what they need to do with a picture on it.

Having an assigned area and assigned route and being able to attach photos, that’s been huge. [Now] it’s a safer and cleaner facility for everyone. 


Digitizing your Scope of Work is the first step to revolutionize your service management. With your SOW centralized in the 4insite app, you’ll ensure the highest service quality of your staff and vendors. Instead of using multiple systems leading to overwhelm and mistakes, 4insite makes it easy to manage and optimize your SOW, meaning better performance results because everyone is on the same page with expectations. 


Using these three steps to leverage the power of the 4insite app, you’ll be well on your way to bringing your facility into the digital revolution. To schedule time to see how 4insite will help your facility, email